arsenic & lace apothecary

arsenic and lace apothecary

a chaotic mess

by anatole k bolce

Thank you for your time and looking at my portfolio! This portfolio is set up for jury selection for conventions, but will also suit as a profile for current and past works. Please check out my About page for links to my social media, store, and Patreon.

If you are looking for original works specifically for juried reasons, please click on the Original Works section for a condensed version of the portfolio. Included is only my original works as well as table displays from previous conventions.

*Stickers are shown as part of the portfolio. If your convention does not allow stickers, this will be of course respected.*

Upcoming Change



Starting in 2021, I will be changing the name of my store to

Arsenic and Lace Apothecary

Likewise, my branding and storefront will change alongside of the name. Most of my product will remain the same, except a considerable turn to original work over fandom.

My social media handles will remain the same, as I feel this will be easier for finding me (as much of my merchandise has that @ on it), but as for what name I sign up to cons with and what should be in the vendor list, please use the new store name.

I do not have any pictures of my booth as of yet (since we haven’t had any conventions for me to start making the transition), and all I can offer at the moment is mockups. Please accept this for the time being, as I do not have the area to make a setup picture in the meantime.

I appreciate your understanding. Please send me any questions about this change if you have any. Thank you!

Artist Alley Displays

Pins (Acrylic/Wooden/Enamel)

Other Offerings




Cloth Based